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Michel Albonico

Phone/WhatsApp (Business): +55 46 3520-2635
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I'm a software engineer, first of all, with a large experience in distributed systems. My main occupation is as a Professor/Lecturer at the Technological Federal University of Paraná (UTFPR), Brazil, where I also coordinate an undergrad/bac course, head a research group (IntelAgir), and lead some technological and research projects. I'm currently focused on a collaborating with Ivano Malavolta in Robotics Software (S2 Research Group at VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands).


Post-doc Researcher - S2 Group@VU Amsterdam, NL

(2020-Current) Green ROS - Energy Efficiency of Robotics Systems

Ph.D - Atlamodels@IMT Atlantique, FR

(2014-2017) Computer Science

Thesis: Controlling Cloud-based Systems for Elasticity Testing

Master - LDB@Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), BR

(2009-2011) Computer Science

Thesis (Portuguese): HadoopTest: um Controlador de Testes Distribuídos para Sistemas baseados em MapReduce

Research Interest

Main Topics (but not only)

  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Software Engineering
  • Distributed Software Architectures
  • Robotics and Internet of Things Middlewares

Introduction to Programming Languages

I teach first period students how and why to use programming languages. Usually, I mix Scratch (logic), C (Hello, world!), and Arduino (sensitive case study).

Distributed Applications

Basics of distributed systems, and case study projects. Java is the main language here (threads, concurrency, synchronization, etc.), with some work on Spring framework. The course also presents some advanced aspects, such as frontend and backend separations, application framework (Spring), REST, RPC and messaging protocols (MQTT, WebSockets, etc.). At the end of the course, the students must deliver their own distributed application.


UTFPR Francisco Beltrao- Brazil - From 2012...

  • License/bac Course Coordinatior
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Head Researcher of IntelAgir Research Group

IoTriXX/TriXX Softwtare Francisco Beltrao- Brazil - From 2020...

  • SE Consultant (Full Stack and IoT Applications)
  • Head of Innovation Project

FAFBarracão - Brazil - 2008-2012

  • Technological Course Coordinatior
  • Programming Professor/Lecturer

UnisepDois Vizinhos - Brazil - 2012-2012

  • Bachelor Course Coordinatior
  • Programming Professor/Lecturer

UNOESCSão Miguel do Oeste - Brazil - 2010-2011

  • Programming Professor/Lecturer

OthersSince 2005

  • Network Administration
  • Backend Services and Servers
  • IT Support
  • Web Development
  • Team Leadership
Traveling, Arduino Gadgets, Robots, Gardening, Cooking and Bicycles
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